Should I consider DIY for my home security?

DIY should be considered if you have the right skills and background, however make sure you do your homework!

If your DIY minded Advanced Lock & Alarm can work with you every step of the way.  We can offer a DIY+ program.  We work with you on the design and layout, you install devices and we come to your home or office to completely test your new home security or business security system.

Are wireless security systems more effective than hardwired ones?

Both options have their perks. Many people look to tradition when deciding, dependability was an argument in favor of hardwired systems however technology has shown a push towards wireless systems.  Today wireless security is leading home security companies to focus their efforts on wireless systems. Using wireless security and cellular signal technology, Advanced Lock & Alarm is considered one of the industry leaders in home security innovation. Wireless systems are certainly easier to install and can be used in more locations, but perhaps the main lesson to take away from a company like Advanced Lock & Alarm is that no matter what type of system you install, its efficiency will largely depend on the competency of your security provider.

I live in an condo or apartment. What home security options are available to me?

In the past installing a security system in a condo or apartment was considered a daunting task for both property managers and security companies. Unlike home owners, condo and apartment dwellers should have more security concerns right off the bat.  Keep in mind that cleaning and maintanance staff often have keys to your home.  With the major advancements in wireless technology this has opened up easy to install and also makes them portable enough for condo and apartment renters to use.  This type of system makes for a perfect Ecosystem for Smart Home technology.

If you’re someone living in an apartment, be sure to contact us and consider an apartment-ready wireless solutions.

What happens to my home security system during a power failure?

This depends on the make-up of your system.  While systems have built in backup batteries that are used during power outages, the real concern is what type of communication is used to report to your central monitoring station.  Systems that are provided by your cable company will not be able to report emergencies to your central station during power failures.  The fear of being disconnected in the time of an emergency has caused many people to favor wireless systems for the homes. Our systems operate using cellular data and have the built in battery reserves.

Aside from intruder protection, what else can a home security system offer?

Hazards come in all forms. Depending on where you live, you are more susceptible to certain dangers than others, meaning it’s in your best interest to find a home security provider than can scale.

I can get Apps to control my home heating system, stream video, and control lights for free, what is different about your product?

This is a biggest difference between big name independent stand alone solutions and what Advanced Lock & Alarm can offer.

So let say you have 3 apps to manage these systems, one for thermostat control, one to view live streaming video, and one that control lights in your home.

And its all free right?  Or is it….  in most cases if you want to record video in case something happens and you need a recording to share with local authorities, well, that recording is extra.

Our product strategy is to not only make this affordable and easy to use, but our main focus is to simplify use and give you a single smart APP that also uses logic from each system to enhance your experience.

Example 1:

Your APP:  Everyone gets up and takes off for the day.  At lunch you check your heating system APP and realize that the last one to leave never turned down the heat.  So you log into your APP and adjust the heat accordingly.

Our APP:  When the last person leaves and is about a mile away form the home you get an email, TXT, and push notification that everyone has left the home.  With one command you adjust your thermostat, turn off the kitchen lights, and close the garage door.  All from a single  event.  One interface, app or pc, consolidates the logic and features between all of your devices.