Medical Alert & Wellness Monitoring Systems

Ideal for elderly & senior living care, Medical Alert & Wellness Monitoring Systems offer a secure and cost effective option for those who want to provide their loved ones with the safety, security and comfort they deserve — at home.

Advanced lock & Alarm works with caregivers and healthcare institutions to determine the best systems for their desired needs, and professional installation to ensure connectivity 24/7.

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Medical Alert & Wellness Monitoring Systems For NH Homecare & Senior Living

PERS, MPERS & Wellness Monitoring Systems

PERS (personal emergency response system)

Traditional PERS are wonderful devices that allows us the opportunity to remain in our their homes longer, enhances lifestyle, and extends independence.

With a base station connected to a phone line the user typically wears a medic alert pendant to press when help is needed. The medic alert pendant signals the base station to contact our safety monitoring station. The station can talk with the person and assess the proper level of response and contact caregivers and emergency response personnel.

Here at Advanced | Lock & Alarm we make it a priority to match families with the best medical alert or home monitoring solution to fit your needs, wether its for the person in need or the caregiver.


MPERS (mobile personal emergency response system)

The MPERS takes the traditional PERS one step further and allows the subscriber to be away from the base station.

Unlike the PERS, which often requires that the subscriber be within 300 feet or less of the base station, the MPERS utilizes GPS and/or cellular technology that allows you to be on the go and still be safely monitored.

With the freedom to be away from home and continue to live an active lifestyle you still have the comfort of knowing that wherever you are, you’ll have direct contact to help and can receive medical assistance whenever needed.


Wellness monitoring Systems

The Wellness Monitoring System is coupled with your home security system and offers many advanced features. With the Wellness system you have the peace of mind knowing that security, fire and CO are also monitored to keep you safe.

Wellness Monitoring Systems systems can also simplify routine tasks, with seamless automation across the home’s critical systems. Easy to use rules and schedules allow you to automate lights, thermostats, locks and security – so your loved one doesn’t have to remember to turn lights on or off, or lock the door every night. Caregivers can even remotely check on thermostat settings and adjust the temperature, if needed, through a Wellness Monitoring mobile app.

Early notification is key in medical emergency situations. Wellness systems works quietly in the background, and

with custom text messaging notifications you’ll know when normal routines are broken. For example – If motion is not detected in the morning, or the medicine cabinet is opened in the middle of the night – you’ll know about it.

Advanced | Lock & Alarm prides itself on evaluating emerging medic alert and monitoring technologies and only deploys systems we trust.

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Consider This – Medic Alert System FAQs

Does this medical alert system work with VOIP (voice over internet protocol) telephone services?

  • Traditional single station PERS units typically do not, however there are newer models that can. So when choosing a provider be sure to ask for clarification.

What is the range of my alert system?

  • Ranges vary by manufacturer but typically will cover 300 feet or less from the base unit.

Does someone install this for me, or do I do it myself?

  • Traditional PERS units typically will be sent to you pre-programmed and are quite simple to setup.  Plug in the base station to a phone line, test the unit to transmit, and call the sending company to confirm functionality. These units should be tested through to the emergency call center each week.

Do I need a land line to use this medical alert system?

  • Yes. There are some options you may consider. Wellness systems use cellular technology and do not require any home based phone or internet connection. The real advantage is that Wellness systems are always on, even in a power outage when serious emergencies can occur.

Who staffs your call center, where are they located, and what are the average response times?

Does the medical alert system come with other services?

What happens if something goes wrong with my equipment?

Does the medical alert system include “automatic fall detection”?

Am I purchasing these devices, or leasing them, or neither?

What is my total yearly cost?

Wellness vs PERS

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